Member Organizations

The National Evangelical Spiritual Baptist Faith Archdiocese of Canada


Head Office & Head Church

Shouters NESBF International Centre of Canada

Affiliate Members

St. Frederic’s Cathedral (New Administration)
Mystic Willow
Mount Refuge NESBF
Sacred Heart NESBF
The Refuge Church of Jesus Christ – Bishop Steadman Heron & Rt. Rev. Malcom-Heron
Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic – Bishop Samuel Holness

Heather Bradley
Anne Houston
Larry Houston
Kenneth Niece

Please Note

Some of these Churches are independently incorporated organizations affiliated with the National Evangelical Spiritual Baptist Faith Archdiocese. They’ve established their own ministries and are accountable. However, they give report and accountability to the head church. Ordained licensed ministers serve their Church and the community according to the ministers and church constitution.

Full Membership includes Incorporated with Head Church and all directives to all ministers directives or given by Head Archdiocese. All ministers, funds and activities are accountable by head Church.