Summer Career Placements

Shouter Spiritual Baptist Summer Career Placements


This program assists students in getting experience for the working world. Students Kevin Langdon, Keri Jordan and Natalie Mentor got additional skills this summer that will further their employment endeavours in the future. Kevin Langdon is in his 4 year of University studying Law. Ken Jordan is also in her 4 year of University studying Biology and Society and Environments, and Natalie Mentor is in her third year of high school gaining skills needed for the outside world. This is the fourth summer the Shouters have hired students.

The three students are funded by Human Resources (HRDC). A round of applause to the three students and Archbishop Dr. Seiveright for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the program. Because the program is a success for those involved, it opens up the possibility to continue in the future. The program will assist other students to get experience for the working world.